Better Kids, Ltd

Enabling children of ages 4-8 better manage their emotions and relationships through playing games and practising Augmented Reality breathing activities. 

My Role

Product Design Internship




3 Months

Team Members

Ondine Bullot (CEO) 



Design Brief

Conduct market research and understand the user insights to redesign the critical interfaces of the application.


During my product design internship at Better Kids, I worked at their award-winning socio-emotional learning application, Wisdom: The World of Emotion. Wisdom empowers children ages 4-8 years to manage their emotions and relationships through educational games & augmented reality breathing exercises. 

Problem Overview

The user research findings highlighted that the application flow was confusing for our three target users: parents, educators, and children. The parents and educators were not clear about their role in the application, and there was a stark difference in the freemium version of the application. 

Project Goals


Improving the homepage to simplify user flows and make key functions more accessible.


Personalising the experience for all three user groups of the application. 

User Research

The research conducted by the team highlighted three problem areas in the interface: 

The freemium and premium versions of the application were inconsistent with each other. 

The activities and tasks performed by the child were not accessible in the fremium version. 

The parents and educators knew about their role when using the application with their child. 

Market Research

To understand the patterns in the market for such socio-emotional learning applications, I researched about some existing ones for some inspirations

Key Takeaways:

Freemium and premium versions have similar interfaces but with a lock feature for subscription. 

The roles of the users are split on the homepage, so they know where to go in the beginning. 

Having a lesser white space ensures greater contrast that helps identify icons for a child.

A sneak peek of each icon helps the young audience visualize what they will be learning in advance. 

Changes to the existing designs

Based on the market research and user findings, I prototyped the design layouts for the major screens that needed changes. 

New Features

I also introduced a new feature for the educator and parents to immerse them in their child's journey. 

The parents were taught the value of each socio-emotional learning skill their child would learn by gaining superpowers to demonstrate how they could use that in real-life scenarios. 

The educators were taught how their child would become more socio-emotionally aware through the five socio-emotional learning competencies.

Poster Design

During the internship, I also designed two social media posters to raise socio-emotional awareness among our audience. 

Learnings & Next Steps

  • We should test our prototype with participants to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our designs.
  •  The current designs support the game's mobile version and evaluating the tablet version would also be helpful. 
  • Working on such a large team for a product that is out in the market helped me understand how to work with different stakeholders to ensure that it corresponds to their vision of the product. 

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